Business Description

Base Oils


Imported from S-OIL, a major base oil manufacturer in the world

In the base oil business, we import base oils, which are raw materials of lubricants, from S-OIL Corporation in South Korea and sell them in Japan. S-OIL is known as one of the world’s leading base oil manufacturers, and we have entered into an agreement for exclusive distribution in Japan with the Korean company. Through the marketing of base oils, which are included in lubricants such as machine oil used at factories and engine oil, we will contribute to industrial development.

Line of oil productsUltra-S2、Ultra-S3、Ultra-S4、Ultra-S6、Super-31、Super-96
Stock pointsYokohama, Yokkaichi (Kawagoe-cho), Kobe
Date of releaseSeptember 2005
Packing styleTruck, drum

Lineup of oils in six grades including highly purified base oil

We deal in six grades of products including highly purified base oil (Grade III) called VHVI base oil. For stable supply, we have a stock point in each of the three major industrial areas of Japan, namely Keihin, Chukyo and Hanshin.

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