Business Description

E3 Biofuels

Manufacturing and sale of E3 biofuels for the first time as a private company

Since fiscal 2011, Nakagawa Bussan has worked to be the first private company involved in manufacturing and commercial sale of E3 biofuels, a project promoted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan. E3 biofuels are a blend of 97% automobile gasoline with 3% bioethanol to reduce CO2 emissions as a measure to combat global warming. They are currently marketed in gas stations in Tokai and Kinki regions as well as other parts of Japan. Based on the corporate principles of “consideration of the environment” and “contribution to society,” Nakagawa Bussan expects that handling of this next-generation energy will potentially become a core business for the company.

E3ガソリン ブレンダ―装置
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