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Safety Initiatives

Comprehensive disaster management drill for petroleum industrial complexes and other facilities

As an initiative during the Hazardous Materials Safety Week specified by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency of Japan,
we implement a comprehensive disaster management drill in June every year.

disaster management drill

In the drill conducted in the No. 9 Area Oil Terminal of Marunaka Kosan in June 2010, it was assumed that oil leaked from a pier after occurrence of a powerful earthquake measuring level 6, and fire fighting vehicles, police vehicles and airplanes, as well as vessels including Shachikaze, a patrol boat of Nagoya Coast Guard Office, and Hekikai , an environmental survey boat of Nagoya Port Authority, were sent.
A wide range of actions were taken to check the first response system and cooperation with relevant agencies in case of an earthquake, including distribution of various information such as cautions and warnings, stretching of oil fences, acts to prevent further spreading of leaked oil, an exercise to rescue a person who fell into the sea and water discharge from a water cannon truck.

disaster management drill
Water discharge exercise from a large water cannon truck on the assumption that oil leaked from a tank in the oil terminal and caught fire
disaster management drill
Stretching of oil fences by Shirayuri, an oil fence stretching vessel owned by the No. 9 Area Joint Disaster Prevention Organization
disaster management drill
Diffusion treatment of the oil that escaped from oil fences by discharging foam liquid
disaster management drill
Exercise with a helicopter to rescue a person who fell into the sea
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