Business Description

Quality assurance system


We maintain a high quality of products through check of their conditions and thorough quality inspection before and after carrying them.
Our quality control system is equipped with testing instruments that can analyze the quality of products on the items specified according to the Act on the Quality Control of Gasoline and Other Fuels, as well as Japanese Industrial Standards, which help us supply highly reliable products.

Testing instruments in our company
Density (vibration type)
Flash point (TAG.P.M)
Distillation (atmospheric distillation)
Color: ASTM, SC (photoelectric colorimeter)
Pour point (JIS: full automatic)
Clogging point (JIS: full automatic)
Residual carbon (micro method)
Sulfur content (coulometric titration method, fluorescent X-ray)
Dissolved gum (JIS: air method)
Lead (atomic absorption)
Oxidative stability (induction period)
Kinetic viscosity (viscometer)
Gasoline component analysis (GC, all components)
Water content (coulometric titration method, distillation method)
Coumarin measurement (spectral photometer, fluorescence analyzer: National Petroleum Association method)
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