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For strong growth,
the Nakagawa Group will keep changing while maintaining the same sense of responsibility and foresight.

The Nakagawa Bussan Group is a corporate group that sells petroleum products in Japan and other countries while also engaging in oil terminal operation, land transportation and marine transportation businesses.

Since its founding in 1967, through tumultuous years with rapid economic growth, oil shocks and motorization, our company has grown based on community-based business activities with a desire to be an operator of gas stations needed by customers in their neighborhood.

As time has passed, our lifestyle has changed dramatically. Still, the goal for Nakagawa Bussan has never changed since its founding, which is to be a dynamic group in which all employees always consider what is demanded by customers in the era and keep changing to meet their targets.

To grow to be a company that is needed by the local community through stable supply of energy, we have changed the business fields and advanced into the oil terminal business to store products and overseas operations to procure and supply reliable and competitive products, as well as the land and marine transportation business to ensure timely delivery. In recent years, we have started to supply environmentally friendly products because we believe that it is a mission for energy suppliers.

With united efforts of all employees, we will continuously strive to grow to be a company that is needed by customers.

President and CEO
Hidenobu Nakagawa

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